Employee Tracking System
Employee Tracking System – SaleBee CRM

Ever wonder what your team gets up to all day? Want to know what makes them shine or struggle at work? Look no further than Employee Tracking with SaleBee CRM! This tool shows how your team spends time, the websites they use, and also what they type.  This information helps you spot areas to improve […]

sales-management-software-in- bangladesh
Sales Management Software in Bangladesh: SaleBee CRM

Ever wonder how businesses keep their sales teams on track? Well, it’s all about sales management – the software behind successful sales operations. Sales management software works on planning, direction, and control of an organization’s sales activities to achieve its objectives. The good thing is that you can now get a sales management module in […]

free crm software in bangladesh
SaleBee’s Free CRM Software in Bangladesh

Do you use Excel, Google Sheets, or a notebook to track your sales? Well, it’s quite hectic to handle all your sales data in this way when your startup land at a certain stage. Customer Relationship Management or CRM software like SaleBee is able to make you more productive in this case. However, affording a […]

Using Salebee CRM for Lead Management
Using SaleBee CRM for Lead Management

Your business will be effective only when you can generate more leads and convert them into your customers. Using CRM for lead management is handy in such cases because it focuses on lead conversion. The solution also makes sure your clients can trust your business more. As a whole, SaleBee CRM software can help you […]

Lead Management Software in Bangladesh
Best Lead Management Software in Bangladesh

A lead management system helps an organization review incoming leads, analyze, and nurture them. This mainly comes as a central component of CRM. All the CRM solutions feature a lead management module. So, if you are looking for lead management software in Bangladesh, going for the best CRM solution like SaleBee CRM will be the […]

Best sale and marketing CRM in Bangladesh
5 Best Sales and Marketing CRM Software in Bangladesh

CRM Software has become an essential part of businesses or organizations. Without a system that organizes everyday tasks of a business, successfully operating a business and getting the optimum profit is quite impossible. Therefore, the use of CRM software has increased tremendously throughout the years. That being said, the availability of CRM software has also […]

What is Salebee CRM and How does Salebee CRM work?

CRM software has become an essential part of businesses. 92% of businesses claim that CRM systems played an important role in reaching their goals in business. It has become important for smaller businesses or startups too. 91% of businesses with ten or more employees use CRM to handle customer conversations. There is no denial that […]

Best CRM Software in Bangladesh

We are living in a time when businesses are incompetent without good CRM software. The popularity of CRM systems for different organizations is rising, and it is yet to cease. In 2020, the CRM market grew to $15 billion, presumably growing to more than $128 billion by 2028.This trend is a global phenomenon, and Bangladesh […]

Benefits of Salebee CRM

If you are in a business, you must have heard about CRM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM allows a business or organization to handle any information regarding customers.For any business or organization, there are numerous customers that the business needs to interact with on a daily basis. This simple task grows to become […]