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SaleBee provides the ultimate marketing solution for your organization. From managing and organizing information, analyzing it, and providing the best probable outcomes – everything you can get from one software – SaleBee. It helps your organization achieve its goals and points out the opportunities for future development.
SaleBee ensures outstanding marketing management for your organization and excellent performance in sales.


About SaleBee

SaleBee Takes Care of All The Aspects of Your Business's Sales and Marketing

SaleBee is a CRM software that provides an overall solution for an organization’s sales and marketing department. It is a single-point management system from which you can access all the information on sales and marketing and generate reports.

SaleBee works to eliminate the hassle of manually keeping records and analyzing them for future decisions. The software creates a database to store and organize all the information regarding marketing and sales. Using that information, you can choose to generate reports and analyses. It can help you achieve the ROI goals, increase sales, improve lead generation and other tasks, monitor activities, and lots more.

SaleBee lets you expand your business with minimal effort. It allows you to create a bond between your organization and potential prospects.

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Why SaleBee

SaleBee Assists to Reach For Your Business’ Milestones Faster with Best Performances and Highest Efficiency

92% of businesses achieved their goals with CRM software. SaleBee can be your companion in the journey to unlock new challenges and attain success. The software stores and organizes all the data without giving you any trouble. You can access the data whenever you want. Moreover, it generates reports and analyses on the data based on your provided criteria. It immensely helps in future decision-making and lead generation.

Furthermore, SaleBee pinpoints the gaps in your sales and marketing tactics so that you can take necessary action to cover them.

Better Sales Performance

A well-organized and optimized database of every information for sales and marketing can increase further sales. With SaleBee, you can get the necessary reports and analyses for your businesses’ sales generation. A good CRM system ensures better performance in sales. It leads you in the right direction for your business plan without wasting time and resources.

Faster Tactical Decision-Making

When you get all the necessary information, analyses, reports, and potential business plans in hand in real-time, it makes it easier to make decisions faster. SaleBee allows you access to all the information and presumable outcomes. You can have credible and updated information for decision-making and marketing strategies for the betterment of your business.

Increased Profitability and Efficiency

SaleBee escalates the efficiency of your sales and marketing team and increases profit for your business. This cost-effective CRM for marketing ensures that your query and task is complete in minimal time. It saves a lot of time and effort. The sales and marketing team can access the data fast and get the necessary information to serve customers or solve problems.

Optimized Mobility and Flexibility for Your Field Team

With SaleBee, you get CRM software that is catered to your business’ needs and requirements. It is flexible and has the option to add on or deduct features. You can have an optimized system that is easy to operate for all the members of your sales and marketing team as well as clients. Moreover, you can access the CRM system from anywhere you want.

Easy to Delpy and Use

SaleBee- this one-stop sales CRM software allows you to access it very easily. It takes only a few clicks to execute tasks that can have a massive impact on your business. SaleBee offers a simple interface making everything easy to understand and control. Furthermore, you can customize and integrate existing IT features with SaleBee.

No Hidden Fees

You can get SaleBee for your business at a competitive price. There are no hidden charges for the CRM software. You can pick and choose the features you want in SaleBee for your business and only pay for that.

SaleBee Feature

SaleBee Features Help You Bring Out
the Best of Your Business

Prospects Module


The Prospect modules takes care of all the data regarding prospective clients. It allows the admins to view and get reports of prospects and visualize their data. Moreover, you can manage tasks for each prospect.

Lead Module


In SaleBee, you will get all the necessary features for lead management. You can have information about leads, such as their probable interest, prospect status, stage, etc. You can set the prospect stage, create multiple leads, and utilize all these for further sales for your business.

Task Module


You can store and manage all your business’ sales and marketing tasks in the task module. It will help you with reminding upcoming tasks, completed tasks, and detailed information about specific tasks.

Quotation Module


SaleBee provides an unlimited quatation option for your prospects or leads. You can have quotations under each client or organization to track amounts or items.

Order Module


SaleBee helps you keep track of orders. Whether your order outcome is positive or negetive, it is important to keep track of and information on sales for future improvement. These data can help you set new strategies for marketing.

Employee Module


The Employee module of SaleBee stores and manages the data needed for HR. The admin will have access to these information regarding employees. Admin can search for marketing records of different employees.


Let's See What Our Clients Say
About SaleBee

Md Shahnoor Islam

Chief Executive Officer

SaleBee mixes features and design that allow our sales team to smooth run their operations. It is very easy to use compared to other popular CRM software.

Sohrab Bin Haque

Managing Director

Having a powerful CRM tool such as SaleBee in our company has been essential to the success of our sales team. With its easy-to-use and well-designed interface, it definitely keeps us organized and on track!

Md. Mosaddique Hossain

Managing Director

We are looking at ways to keep our sales team organized and innovative. We are better and growing faster than before by using SaleBee CRM at our company.

M. Farzad Shahabuddi


SaleBee CRM platform has helped us simplify our marketing communication processes. It is easy to use and very secure.

Md. Forhad Hossan

Managing Director

I love how simple, yet very efficient SaleBee CRM is. It has been helping a lot both my sales team and our reporting

Major Dr. Md. Towfiqur Rahman

Chief Executive Officer

We feel that we finally have a tool that enables us to grow. SaleBee has become an integral part for our sales and marketing team.

M Fakhrul Islam

Managing Director

SaleBee is extremely easy to set-up and get going, no complicated training, and supremely flexible. Working with SaleBee has been an absolute pleasure.

Md. Mubir M. Chowdhury

Managing Director

We can track the progress and keep records of all of our deals now in an organized way for SaleBee CRM. SaleBee also made our reporting a lot easier than before.

Mehdi Hasan Shohel

Chief Executive Officer

For the issues of unorganized data and making exhausting reports, SaleBee CRM is the best solution.

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