Marketing Management Solution “SaleBee” is a software for managing an organization's relationship and interaction with prospects & customers. It helps company to stay connected with potential clients, manage leads and streamline processes to increase sales as well as profitability. In short the “SaleBee” Software is just a helping tool that designed specially for sales & marketing department to manage prospects, leads, Sales & related tasks with many more options. The goal of “SaleBee” is basically to manage, guide & monitor marketing activities to close more leads & provide data analysis for management to find marketing gap & opportunity from various aspects to support sales plan.


SaleBee CRM is the ultimate problem solution for marketing related activities i.e. prospect listing, timely follow up, lead generation, task management, quotation and sales creation with real-time reporting & graphical dashboard analysis. Additionally it automates SMS campaign to the targeted prospects.

Better Sales Performance

It’s the most obvious reason for adopting CRM strategies. SaleBee CRM software allows you to follow quality leads and reduce time wastage following prospects and finding analysis. Sales cycles are reduced and win rates are improved.

Increased Profitability and Efficiency

Profitability is more than just increasing sales. It is creating efficient processes across your business operations to make sure sales opportunities are not lost and costs are minimized. With SaleBee CRM, employees can access important data quickly to serve customer needs or address a critical business process faster.

Faster Tactical Decision-Making

A well-informed manager with access to real-time data can make adjustments quickly to react to market trends. SaleBee CRM allows you to get real-time and on-location data analysis. This means you can fine tune your strategies or tactics right away to take advantage of an opportunity or avert a crisis.

Optimized Mobility flexibility for Your Field Team

With our SaleBee CRM, we provide businesses of all shapes and sizes with the flexibility. This technologies today allow field teams to access CRM data like Clint information, purchases or product and support information. In fact, SaleBee CRM functions can increase sales force productivity. This allows users to access these details on location, so they can make decisions or reports instant.

No Hidden Fees

Not all companies offer clear pricing terms. With our low and predictable pricing, you can build a simple CRM system that supports and grows your big ideas.

Easy to Deploy & Use

Turn it on and go. Easily integrate with your marketing team. Quickly customize to automate your unique business processes. In terms of use, SaleBee provides a simple CRM interface focused on features that matter and nothing more.



This module keeps all basic HR related information of an employee for present & future record. Payroll information may add later. And all employee may not user & kept separate from employee mgt. Admin can control all user access & also can monitor the user activity in the system.


Sales order or PO like the final stage of the sales funnel & close of the lead. Lead will have 2 status at the end. Either win or lost. If win; sales order option will come with the selected quotation from the list of quotation under the particular lead.


This module keeps all the necessary information of quotation with all the references both client & organization for future tracking under any leads the items & amounts. Unlimited quotation can be created under any lead.


It covers all the necessary information for both individual & organization for present & future data analysis & keeps all the follow up history with the prospects.


Turn it on and go. Easily integrate with your existing IT fabric. Quickly customize to automate your unique business processes.


This module keeps all the necessary information of leads under any contact/prospect with the stage & status. All leads status with the followed no. presented through sales funnel on the dashboard. Unlimited lead can be created under any contacts & sales process starts with lead generation.


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