Best sale and marketing CRM in Bangladesh

5 Best Sales and Marketing CRM Software in Bangladesh

CRM Software has become an essential part of businesses or organizations. Without a system that organizes everyday tasks of a business, successfully operating a business and getting the optimum profit is quite impossible. Therefore, the use of CRM software has increased tremendously throughout the years. That being said, the availability of CRM software has also increased. Many software companies are presenting their very own creation of CRM software. Despite the basic operation being the same, some features, purposes, and pricing make the differences from one to the other.

What is CRM Software for Sales and Marketing?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. If simply put, CRM software takes care of things regarding managing customers of a business. This indicates a wide range of functions. Therefore, there has been CRM software that works to optimize one or more concerns of a business. Sales and Marketing CRM software are such CRM systems. The primary focus of such a CRM system is to successfully cumulate customer data and utilize them for the betterment of the business.

5 Best Sales and Marketing CRM Software Solutions

With numerous CRM software, there is an underlying competition exists between software companies on who can make the most efficient CRM software. This has been evident worldwide, so Bangladesh is no exception. The IT industry in this country has offered many CRM software for different businesses or organizations to use, especially for sales and marketing departments. After a thorough evaluation, we have picked the top 5 Sales and Marketing CRM Software in Bangladesh at present.

SaleBee CRM

SaleBee CRM, although fairly new in the game, has outperformed other CRM systems with incredible features and benefits. It offers everything a company can ask for to organize their customer information and provide accessibility.

SaleBee CRM ensures the highest performance and efficiency for a business. it helps store and organize customer data and gives access to search them according to preference. Moreover, it can present analyses and reports based on the present data. It updates data and reflects it in the system in real-time. Furthermore, this system can be accessed remotely. This CRM system provides overall sales and marketing support which is beneficial for both the customers and employees. It allows keeping records and activities of employees which allows them to keep organized and provide better support to customers. Employees can keep track of their tasks, create new tasks, determine success rates, etc. Most importantly, SaleBee CRM software gives any resources to decision-making in no time. This is extremely important for the development of businesses.

Pride CRM

PrideCRM is a CRM software that works incredibly well to provide functionality and productivity. It manages all the customer-related tasks and ensures the best outcome. This cost-effective system allows for growing sales and marketing and business at large. This cloud-based software is always accessible from anywhere in the world.

PrideCRM creates, tracks, and manages business campaigns. It tracks everyday tasks, business decisions, their impact, etc. Additionally, it helps with budget management, performance analyses, and report generation. They have an easy-to-use interface where the reports are graphically presented to the user. PrideCRM provides a wide range of support for the sales and marketing departments of a business. it can be also integrated with the Pride ERP system.

Colour Bangla CRM

Colour Bangla CRM is a low-cost CRM system that is simple and user-friendly. It allows the users to access and control customer information. It allows users to access and update sales forecasting, sales generation, lead management, sales performance management, sales analytics, and more.

Additionally, CB CRM gives the employees their own information system where the business can store employee contacts, their salary, tasks achievements, etc. Employees can create and modify tasks or sales generation. Moreover, the administration can limit accessibility for different employees. This CRM system contains everything needed for successfully running a business for the sales and marketing departments. They have multiple options for payment, packages, and several additional benefits.

Extreme Solutions CRM

Extreme Solutions has a CRM software named Extreme CRM which is another great CRM software in Bangladesh. It focuses on providing a sales and marketing solution that provides the best employee and customer relationship-building system. Apart from traditional marketing, this system also offers a solution for digital marketing.

This system provides customization based on business or organization types. It can be designed to be manipulated to get the most out of sales and customer service. The processes of sales lead generation, team management, sales invoice generation, and accounting data entry – are all automatically generated. Moreover, it is capable of auto-generating SMS and email campaigns. Apart from providing flexibility in the development or structure of the CRM system based on the users, it also provides multiple competitive pricing options.

Smart Software Ltd. CRM

Smart Software Ltd. has CRM software that takes care of everyday sales and marketing duties for a business. Creation and view of customer information using this CRM software are effortless. It simplifies the tasks of sales generation and increases profit.

This software helps in creating tasks and having follow-ups. Automated follow-up tends to increase the success rate of sales and lead generation. Users can set goals, and work accordingly. It helps to keep track of daily duties and shows progress and results of the tasks. A user-friendly interface and dashboard make it easy to reach the goals and an efficient system increases productivity. All these results better performance from employees and higher profit for businesses. Smart Software Ltd. CRM provides unlimited user creation and the users can have individual access. It is easily accessible from any part of the world.


When there is a plethora of CRM software available, it boils down to how proficient the system is. Useful features, run-time, usability, accuracy, and even redundancy of the system matter. The users will scrutinize every detail of the available systems to find the best one for them. That being said, these 5 CRM systems turned out to pass every test and provide the best sales and marketing CRM facilities for any business or organization.

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