Best CRM Software in Bangladesh

We are living in a time when businesses are incompetent without good CRM software. The popularity of CRM systems for different organizations is rising, and it is yet to cease. In 2020, the CRM market grew to $15 billion, presumably growing to more than $128 billion by 2028.
This trend is a global phenomenon, and Bangladesh is not any different. Bangladeshi businesses are highly motivated to use CRM software for their companies as it plays a significant role in providing consistent and excellent customer support, fast and critical decision-making, and increasing employee performance and efficiency.

Which CRM Software is Best in Bangladesh?

As companies in Bangladesh understand the need for CRM for their business and many are enjoying the benefits of using CRM systems, CRM development has been growing exponentially. There is high competition among CRM software in Bangladesh at the moment. Therefore, you could find multiple options for CRM software in Bangladesh, but not all of them are up to the mark.
Among the numerous CRM software, only a few provide a system that takes care of overall customer relationship support. What makes one ahead of others is the features one has to offer at a reasonable cost. All things considered, SaleBee is definitely number one on the list of best CRM systems in Bangladesh. It has some fantastic features that are essential for any business development at a fairly priced rate.

Why Salebee is the Best CRM Software?

SaleBee provides the solution for the sales and marketing tasks of any business. This software is dynamic and can be presented with only the relevant features for a business. SaleBee is fully transparent, and you get what you are promised, nothing more, nothing less.
Although SaleBee has a lot of features and modules, you can get only the ones you want. Many CRM software fails as the users get overwhelmed by the numerous unnecessary features and find it difficult to use. That is not the case for SaleBee. SaleBee has a simplified module where you can keep track of the sales of your business and easily execute any function.
With SaleBee, you do not have to worry about additional software for the sales and marketing team. All the responsibilities of a sales and marketing department can be performed and modified with SaleBee. It takes care of everything, including task management, prospect listing, follow-ups, lead management, etc. Moreover, it has an additional SMS campaign feature for marketing.

Features of Salebee CRM

The features that SaleBee has to offer makes it the best CRM software in Bangladesh. SaleBee has 11 features, to be exact, and with these 11 features, all the sales and marketing tasks of an organization can be operated. So, let’s look into the features SaleBee has to offer.

Common Setting Management

This feature allows businesses to create products and input details about the product. Categories and sub-categories can be created too for products. It also allows the creation of leads and additional details about leads. You can also set priority for leads in this setting.
You can categorize based on location, such as area, district, country, and so on. You can add information regarding professional, industry, designation, etc.

Prospect Management

In the prospect management module of SaleBee, you can add individual prospects as well as organizations as prospects. It lets you add any information regarding the prospects. It keeps an activity log for all the prospects, and you can also schedule one or multiple tasks for each of the prospects.

Prospect Follow-up

Follow-up shows you the activity log of the prospects according to your preference. You can keep track and take necessary actions based on the logs. You can also check future tasks assigned for each prospect.


The employee module is to store and display information of employees in the most organized manner. Companies can store their employees’ names, IDs, contact information, etc., for every employee. Moreover, the performance or sales log is also appended to each employee. This feature makes it incredibly efficient for management to keep track of employee performance.

Lead Management

The lead management feature of SaleBee ensures the highest lead generation for your business. It allows you to store data of leads and categorize them according to specific criteria. You can implement specific services or campaigns to only the targeted leads. You can also have levels set for the leads to determine their status in the lead generation process. Additionally, you can have multiple leads for each prospect.

Quotation Management

SaleBee gives unlimited quotation generation for any lead. You can have a quotation for individuals as well as organizations. This feature makes it astonishingly easy to have quotations and updates on it.

Sales order

The sales order information is crucial for any business. SaleBee visually presents the outcome of a sale order. There are two possible scenarios of a sales order, either win or lose. From this, businesses can get the data on sales order wins and what could be done to convert them into wins.


In the SaleBee CRM system, tasks are presented automatically. Moreover, the tasks are listed according to date and time, which makes it more efficient. Using the task feature, employees can create, modify or delete tasks. Any additional information for a task can be included too while task creation or in an existing task.

Client list

SaleBee systematically stores all the information for each client that exists for the business. The moderators can obviously make changes to the list if needed. The client lift gives all the information that is needed for the sales and marketing team. The most important element of this feature is that a client gets created once they purchase a product.


The most useful feature SaleBee has to offer is its dashboard. You can visualize the growth of your entire business in the dashboard. All the necessary data gets graphically presented. It makes it incredibly easy to understand and make decisions based on those. In short, any feature SaleBee has to offer for the sales and marketing department of a business can be found in the dashboard.

Security System

A key concern that most businesses have is the security of the CRM software they are using. Here too, SaleBee gives you the most secure CRM software you can get in Bangladesh. All the data of the system can only be accessed by the permitted authorities. Furthermore, some of the security concerns of SaleBee involve copy and screenshot protection, button-based permission, user-based permission, module-based permission, OTP, software auditing, etc.

Benefits of Salebee CRM

Although we have slightly touched on the benefits of each of the modules or features that SaleBee has offer, here are some of the overall benefits at a glance.

  • SaleBee provides access to the CRM system in real-time from anywhere in the world using the internet.
  • Keeps sales and marketing records in an organized manner.
  • Advanced search of SaleBee allows one to search for information according to preference and provides precise outcomes.
  • SaleBee is efficient in lead generation, follow-ups, and keeping a log of leads.
  • Employees can evaluate their performance, determine lacking and improve for betterment.
  • SaleBee helps create tasks, execute them, and give reminders about the tasks and duties.
  • Analyzes sales and presents sales percentages and future opportunities.
  • SaleBee creates reports based on the business’s information, decreasing time in organizing and decision-making.


All these features of SaleBee help a business to grow to the extent that it can reach business goals and milestones in minimal time. When the customers get a satisfactory service, employees get to track and improve their responsibilities, and sales and marketing teams can visualize sales data and take necessary actions based on that to improve business – certainly, a business will proceed to succeed. Therefore, SaleBee occurs to be the best CRM software you can get that will eventually expand your business and help you achieve success like never before.

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