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SaleBee’s Free CRM Software in Bangladesh

Do you use Excel, Google Sheets, or a notebook to track your sales? Well, it’s quite hectic to handle all your sales data in this way when your startup land at a certain stage. Customer Relationship Management or CRM software like SaleBee is able to make you more productive in this case.

However, affording a premium CRM might be difficult for you. That’s why many companies offer free CRM software so that you can utilize it for a time being and after scaling up your business you can go for their premium version.

Anyways, when it comes to the best free CRM software in Bangladesh, we recommend trying SaleBee CRM. This article will tell you why this is the most suitable option for you.

Feature of SaleBee’s Free CRM

SaleBee’s free CRM software comes with several modules to maintain your sales and lead management process. These include –

Prospects Module

The Prospect module of this CRM handles all the data of prospective clients. It lets you view and get reports and visualize data. You can also manage the data of every individual prospect.

Lead Module

SaleBee is considered one of the best CRM for lead management systems in Bangladesh. The lead management system assists you with the core task to handle all your leads. You can get accurate information about your lead. The information includes the prospect stage, their interest, purchasing status, and so on.

These features guide you to create multiple leads and utilize them for more conversions. Lead management CRM is a great tool to increase sales and scale up the business.

Task Module

This module work to store and manage the sales and marketing tasks of your business. It contains detailed information about a specific task so that you can be aware of all the upcoming tasks. You can also check your previously completed tasks from this module.

Quotation Module

SaleBee free CRM offers up to 1000 quotations for 1 year. You will be able to prepare the amounts or items and send them to any of your prospects or leads.

Order Module

Tracking order is an important task for a sales team. To understand whether your sales process is effective or not, you must keep an eye on the sales pipeline. The order module makes it easier for you.

You will find the positive and negative sides of your sales planning with accurate reports. As a result, you can set new strategies for future sales. And improve the parts you need to put your focus on.

Employee Module

As the name suggests, the Employee module stores and handles the data related to employees. This is the feature that makes an HR department more efficient.

This feature assists you to track your employee’s activities such as attendance, salary, activities, leaves, etc. So, when it comes to evaluating performance, you can do it properly. It makes the employee more dedicated to your company as they get what they deserve.

Using Free SaleBee CRM for Lead Management

There is a free version of SaleBee CRM available for the business owner who just started. This software is a good option for those who don’t have enough budget to go for the premium version yet.

The free version is available for 1+1 users and for 1 year or up to 1000 prospects. The free CRM will let you do the followings –

  • Analyze sales data with a graphical dashboard
  • Unlimited prospects and lead entry
  • Unlimited follow-up history
  • Manage tasks and schedule
  • Free server hosting
  • Free online support

Benefits of Using Free CRM

Here is a list of benefits you can get from a CRM even if you use the free version of it.

Improved Customer Service

If you treat your customers well, they will come back to you again and again and also recommend your business to others. That’s why SaleBee CRM includes this feature in their free plan. So, by utilizing it you can get more insights into your customer and create a strong bond with them.

Increased Sales and Profit

The primary target of all businesses is generating revenue. With a manual process, it’s impossible to look at your business status from several angles. Chances are high that you might misinterpret some information.

However, the automation system of CRM software and on-time reporting lets you take the right decision without wasting a moment. This leads to increased sales and profits, taking your business to new heights.

Increase Productivity

When you just start your business, you might handle all the data manually. But it will become harder over time and also decrease the efficiency of your team.

In this stage, a CRM can be your great assistance. The centralized automation system track and evaluate all your sales data within a very short time. It saves a lot of manpower and resources. You can also be sure about the accuracy of a report.

Besides, since it ensures streamlined communication and perfect sales forecasting, you will be ready for the future.

All these things increase the productivity and efficiency of your sales and marketing team.

Can A Free CRM Fulfill Your Requirements?

Well, the answer is a bit tricky. We have already said that the free plan of the SaleBee CRM is suitable for those who just started their business. But for a medium-sized business, this won’t be enough at all let alone a big-size company.

Since you will face limited integration, limited features, limited user, etc., when your business will grow up, these will create a lot of problems. Hence, we suggest that you should opt for the premium once your business starts expanding.

Final Words

That’s all about free CRM software. If you are a small business owner in Bangladesh, the SaleBee CRM will be able to assist you to reach the next step. You can start with the free plan but eventually, when your business grows up, you can scale up your price plan.

SaleBee offers different plans that you can utilize in various stages of your business. So, don’t worry about the budget and get the CRM as soon as you can!

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