What is Salebee CRM and How does Salebee CRM work?

CRM software has become an essential part of businesses. 92% of businesses claim that CRM systems played an important role in reaching their goals in business. It has become important for smaller businesses or startups too. 91% of businesses with ten or more employees use CRM to handle customer conversations. There is no denial that CRM is incredibly impactful for any business, and there is no alternative to using CRM software.

What is SaleBee CRM?

SaleBee is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that mainly simplifies a company’s sales and marketing team of a company. It provides the best solution for managing sales-related activities, lead generation, prospect listing, task management, quotation and sales creation, and generating real-time reports. Additionally, SaleBee has the feature to deploy SMS campaigns for targeted prospects.

How Does SaleBee CRM Works?

SaleBee has some amazing features that help build an effective system for a business. It works on organizing information for the business and generating analyses based on the data. SaleBee ensures a business gets the optimum use out of the CRM system to grow their business exponentially. It provides pretty much every feature a business can require to grow. Moreover, businesses can customize and organize the module of the CRM system according to their preference.

There are a number of modules that work to ease the processes of sales and marketing and increase profit. They are as follows.

Prospect Management

The Prospect management module deals with everything related to prospects. You could add two types of prospects using SaleBee. One is an individual prospect, and the other is an organization prospect.
Prospects refer to an entity to whom the business can sell its products. Therefore, it can be both a person or an organization, depending on the business.
Once you have successfully added prospects using the Prospect Management module in SaleBee, you can add further information about the prospects, such as their names, contact information, activity log, etc. Activity logs allow you to find out information about a particular prospect regarding any communication. You can find out the latest calls, meetings, messages, etc.
Moreover, you can search them based on time, date, or any keyword, which makes it incredibly helpful in problem-solving, decision-making, or understanding prospect behavior. SaleBee offers an advanced search or filtering benefit that allows you to get the exact results you want in no time.

Leads Management

In the Lead Management module of SaleBee, you can categorize your prospects based on stage or status. This way, you can easily initiate a task on certain stages or status of prospects. You can allocate specific services for leads that they want to achieve.
As you can prioritize leads in the Lead Management modules, making future decisions or predicting future sales gets a lot easier, resulting in profits for the business. Furthermore, you can have multiple lead generation options for each prospect.
Employees or management can determine the changes in lead generation by custom filtering. They can determine which leads need attention and take necessary measurements. In SaleBee, businesses can also see the lead closing of a year so that they can evaluate their progress.

Follow up History

To understand customer behavior, purchase history, preference, etc., you need to observe their previous records. It is like the daily duty of the marketing team of a business. Keeping records, managing them, and finding out the right information can become extremely difficult.
SaleBee showcases the follow-up history of prospects in an orderly manner. Marketing teams can both update and retrieve records of prospects and use them to increase sales. Employees can see previous records of prospects such as call logs, messages, SMS, notes, visits, tasks, meetings, etc.

Proposal Management

A proposal or quotation is an inseparable part of the business. The sales and marketing team has to send or receive a lot of quotations throughout their service. Doing it every time can waste a lot of time that could be invested in other development. SaleBee provides several benefits related to proposal management.
SaleBee keeps the records of proposals for different prospects and leads. Above that, it has the capability to have multiple quotations under one prospect. Employees can get proposal information; management can check which employee sent, check all the quotations under one prospect or lead using SaleBee.

Orders Management

Keeping records of orders or purchases is essential for any business. Keeping these records manually can be a hassle, and it becomes more challenging when you need to access that information. SaleBee makes this challenging task significantly simple.
SaleBee stores the order details in an organized manner and allows the users to access them when needed. Moreover, you can analyze the data based on different criteria and get the outcomes that you need. These reports or analyses work wonders in accomplishing business goals and reaching new milestones in sales.

Task Management

Task creation and completion are a requisite for any business, especially for the sales and marketing departments. Employees need to create tasks for themselves or other members, which they can update after execution and have in the records as a completed task.
SaleBee creates tasks the way you want with the details you need. You can set a reminder for follow-ups. You can update existing tasks with new updates or create a new task. Tasks in SaleBee can be created from both the task management module and follow-up module. The tasks will have information regarding task creation, follow-up history, meeting schedule, and so on.

Dashboard Analysis

What makes SaleBee incredibly useful for businesses is that it presents a dashboard that shows the growth of a business. It shows the lead tunnel based on your business. From that, you can understand where there is room to grow.
Moreover, the dashboard is dynamic and changes. It is exclusive to businesses. You can get other information and analysis represented in a graphical way in the dashboard. It is extremely easy to understand and determine outcomes of businesses. a company can understand which team or employee is getting the highest leads from the reports presented in the dashboard.
Mainly, the dashboard management module focuses on the graphical presentation of all the analysis and information for your business. You can have a visually pleasing report that identifies the sales, leads, employee performances, and results of other marketing strategies.

SMS Marketing

An extraordinary feature that SaleBee provides for businesses is its SMS marketing feature. You can choose to send bulk SMS to prospects and leads. This can increase sales and lead generation. Additionally, you can set a target audience and schedule repeated SMS marketing campaigns.

In Brief…

47% of users stated that customer satisfaction and retention drastically improved when using a CRM system. SaleBee provides a simple yet dynamic CRM system that ensures functionality, high performance, and efficiency. Once you start using SaleBee, there is no going back. Your company is bound to witness how SaleBee works wonders for your business.

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